Nature & Wine Holiday

Days of Delights
welcome to Lake Balaton – Hungary in
Twine nature & wine !

This is the first Responsible travel and Ecotourism holiday at Lake Balaton enriched by 5-8 first class wine-tasting event in premium wineries, and one top quality spirit distillery. (details under wine & spirits menu)

We follow the Responsible travel concept : NO regular restaurants , NO regular hotels, NO classic mass tourism service, but local sourced handcraft food, organic food and wine , local people run services , outstanding cultural and geological heritage, protected flora, fauna of Balaton Uplands National Park. In favour of your convenience and getting unforgettable experience only small groups are accepted, so we can fulfill your wishes in a real personalized way.

Get your best prices and personal discounts from our Swedish, or Norwegian, or Finnish representative partner next to You!

  • Daily Programs

    Every day includes:

    • An ecotouristic trip or wildlife adventure detailed here.
    • Meeting and enjoying the famous local wine culture of Balaton
    • Accompanying professional guides are ensured whole week.
    • Freetime is provided for splashing, bathing in the lake, sunbathing, shopping, walking on the lakeshore etc...
    • Minibus transfer for all programs, but everything is in a very short distance minimizing driving time (average 10-40 km)
    • ou can choose eco-extreme sports upon your request under that menu.

  • Wines & Spirits

    You can be the guest of the following Balaton Uplands premium wineries, who have won recently gold, silver and bronze medals at prestigious international competitions, for example in Bordeaux, Bruxelles ,London or Wien .Their sommeliers will guide You into the joy of tasting 6 -7 wines in the evenings in our holiday program. These exceptional wine –tour events are not available for individual tourists this way.

  • Gastromic Delights

    Welcome to try out, why the Hungarian cuisine is a vivid and bright colour on the world's gastronomic palette. You will not meet the general mass tourism hotel and restaurant offer from industrial food suppliers, but you can enter into the realm of exquisite dishes by us. Fine eating nowadays requires a pioneer spirit willing to discover the quality of the past, thus experiencing the rich gastronomy of the Hungarian countryside.

  • Accommodation

    If you are seeking authenticity and cozy atmosphere, eco-breakfast instead of mass tourism large hotels , you are sure to fall in love with them. We take the principles of ecotourism seriously. We provide wine & spa boutique hotel, art relic mansion and rural eco-mansions in folk-art style.