Horse Riding Holiday

Here you find the attractiveness of our horse-riding adventure:

We have the expertise to bring you an exceptional equestrian holiday. Join us on one of our trips, and discover the Balaton by horseback.

This program is designed and offered for those experienced riders who prefer to combine the horse - sport, relaxation, premium culinary delights and would like to be familiarized by exceptional flora, fauna, geological and cultural heritage of Balaton Uplands National Park.

  • Horse Riding tour information

    Hungarians and their horses – it's a 1000-year old relationship. Hungarian is a horse riding nation. Conquering the Carpathian Basin over a thousand years ago on horseback, Hungarians still strongly hold on their riding traditions. Good news for any guest who is up for a nice ride .

  • Wines & Spirits

    You can be the guest of the following Balaton Uplands premium wineries, who have won recently gold, silver and bronze medals at prestigious international competitions, for example in Bordeaux, Bruxelles ,London or Wien .Their sommeliers will guide You into the joy of tasting 6 -7 wines in the evenings in our holiday program. These exceptional wine –tour events are not available for individual tourists this way.

  • Gastronomic Delights

    Welcome to try out, why the Hungarian cuisine is a vivid and bright colour on the world's gastronomic palette. You will not meet the general mass tourism hotel and restaurant offer from industrial food suppliers, but you can enter into the realm of exquisite dishes by us. Fine eating nowadays requires a pioneer spirit willing to discover the quality of the past, thus experiencing the rich gastronomy of the Hungarian countryside.

  • Accommodation

    Both of our charming country-houses are furnished with authentic pieces of the local folk-art, and romantic wooden furniture, located at a short distance from Lake Balaton, and run and maintained with care and love by local families. Built in traditional Balaton Uplands style.