Daily Program

  • Day 1 - Arriving

    Arriving - Day 1 afternoon and evening

    Airport transport from Budapest to Balaton by bus, arriving at charming rural guesthouses,(details under menu Accomodation) village Lovas and Tihany.

    Be inspired by the lakeshore of Balaton through a walk on the beautiful promenade of Balatonfüred , or you can have a bath in Balaton and after that start to immerse into world of famous Hungarian wines. Evening: at Figula Winery.


    • Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Lake Balaton from the trendy Tagore promenade
    • Line of the trees planted to the memory of great talents.
    • Peculiar sculptures and sea of colorful flowers and cafes.
  • Day 2 - “The pearl of Balaton“ day

    Tihany Peninsula - Day 2 morning

    This marvellous peninsula is a pearl of not only the region or the country but also of Europe.

    Tihany’s natural treasures were Europe-wide acknowledged by 2003 when the Council of Europe awarded the peninsula with the European Diploma of nature reserves.


    • Geological values: more than one hundred volcanic geyser hills in the peninsula
    • Monastery of the Benedictine Order from 1055.
    • The deed of foundation of Tihany Abbey is the earliest written record of the Hungarian (at the same time Finno-Ugrian) language.
    • The only remained friars’s homes in Europe ,carved into the cliff from the 11th century

    Tihany Peninsula - Day 2 afternoon and evening

    Lavender visitor center Freetime for bathing in the lake or take a walk in Tihany.
    Evening at the organic DOBOSI winery.


    • Lavender fields
    • The Lavender House Visitor Center won the national title 'The ecotouristic visitor centre of the year' in 2011.
    • Two lakes inside of the peninsula , 25 m above the level of the Balaton
  • Day 3 - “Cave lake“ day

    Tapolca - Day 3 morning

    A tortuous cave system is hiding under the streets and houses of Tapolca, a little town 10-minute-driving from Balaton. In the strictly protected cave, which was discovered more than 100 years ago, the visitors can make a unique boat trip on the lit bluish water of the underground lake.


    • Tapolca is the only cave in Europe where you can take a boat trip under the innercity streets and houses of a town
    • The most prominent representative of the wildlife of the Lake Cave is Phoxinus phoxinus, a small fish species which is on the RED LIST of Threatened Species by IUCN.
    • The Mill Pond has a very romantic and mediterranic feel

    Basalt organs - Day 3 afternoon and evening

    In case of warm weather have a splash into the cooling waves of Balaton on the best beach of the region.In case of a pleasant hiking weather you can admire the amazing volcanic basalt organs of Szentgyörgyhill next to Tapolca. Evening: Petendy Spirit Distillery : dinner and tasting the national spirit of Hungary : Pálinka


    • The monadnocks are peculiarly shaped results of the volcanic activity towards the end of the Pannonian Age.
    • The most beautiful examples are the basalt columns of the Szentgyörgy Hill.
    • In addition to the natural values the main fascination of Badacsony and Szentgyörgyhegy is : vineyards dating back to the Roman times, world-famous wine-culture is blooming
  • Day 4 - “World heritage” day

    Pannonhalma - Day 4 morning

    The Archabbey of Pannonhalma celebrated the 1000 th anniversary of its foundation in 996. The monastery and its surroundings has been discribed in the World Heritage List on the thousandth anniversary of its foundation.

    The monastery is considered to be the “national cradle” of Christianity and European culture.


    • The 1000-year old Archabbey is the 2nd largest territorial abbey in the world after the one in Monte Cassino.
    • the Archabbey of Pannonhalma is the only example of a classical monastery layout following Benedictine traditions which is in perfect condition.
    • The library with 300,000 books is the biggest Benedictine collection in the world.

    Pannonhalma - Day 4 afternoon and evening

    After visiting the archabbey You will be the special guest of their world-famous winery for 7-wine tasting guided by professional sommelier and for their gourmand dinner. Evening: free program, Pannonhalma Winery


    • The world-famous Pannonhalma winery won several medals by the judges of International Wine Challenge in London in 2014 .
    • a special wine producing process :Its basis is the four-storied building with each floor devoted to a different stage of grape processing where they can apply gravitational material movement.
    • Our Guests can have full insight into the technological process of wine making and its results
  • Day 5 - “Wellness” day

    Local handcraft product market - Day 5 morning

    Starting the day in the best Craftsmen’s and Bio-organic local market of Balaton Uplands in Káptalantóti. If you taste the grey cattle or mangalitza sausage, smoked mangalitza ham, herbal goat cheese, lavender syrup ,housemade strawberry jam or pickles, paprika creams, wild pig pate, sea-buckthorn juice (latin: Hippophae,) housemade strudels , chimney cake, cookies, you are hooked. You can't avoid purchasing for your gastronomic pleasure.


    • Local farmers, local artisans selling their own handcraft products,
    • hundreds of organic and homemade “grandmother’s” food
    • Variety of real Hungarian national spirits: pálinka.
    • You can be a part of an awesome scene , because the authentic aboriginal market athmosphere and exploring bioelixirs and other peculiarities make sure you'll feel as if you were dropped into the old times.

    Hévíz - Day 5 afternoon and evening

    Lake Hévíz is the world’s largest biologically-active natural thermal lake, which is able to refresh body and soul alike. Enjoy the gentle and velvet touch of the thermal water, the sightful floating, swinging beautiful lotus flowers. The water surface is 4.4 ha . The thermal source is a 38 m deep cave, which due to its high capacity completely changes the water in every 72 hours. Water is 33 °C in summer , 25 °C in winter outdoor. Evening: delightful hosting by a local eco-farmer family and manor.


    • The Héviz Lake is a geological curiosity, the world’s largest thermal lake in which you can swim every day of the year and has powerful curative effect.
    • The water of Lake Hévíz contains an equal proportion of dissolved and gaseous substances, thus unifying the favourable characteristics of thermal waters rich in carbonic acid, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and slightly radioactive substances.
  • Day 6 - “Wildlife day” day

    Kis-Balaton - Day 6 morning

    Join us for an exclusive bird-watching and buffalo reserve tour in the strictly protected nature reserve of Kis-Balaton. The area is one of the most precious wetland habitat of Europe and is a renown bird habitat recording 260 bird species, half of which nest in the reserve. We offer telescopes to ensure the best view possible, and to bring wildlife closer to you for an authentic experience.


    Depending on the season, you will encounter

    • a number of shore birds such as curlews, godwits and sandpipers, imposing birds of prey, and graceful egrets and herons.
    • several species of wild ducks such as ferroginous duck or wigeon,
    • 200 buffalos , grey cattles, and spermophilus (latin) can be seen in front of you
    • one of the most precious wetlands in Europe.

    Badacsony - Day 6 afternoon and evening

    Badacsony: For hundreds of years poets, novelists and painters have been calling the Badacsony the most beautiful landscape in Hungary. We bring you to the best panorama beach of the southern coast to be impressed by 438m high Badacsony, an example of a volcanic mountain with steep basalt sides

    Evening: Istvándy Winery Badacsony


    • The most beautiful picturesque landscape of Balaton with volcanic basalt cones
    • Botanical and bird rarities live in Badacsony (more in details here)
    • After swimming or walk depending on weather , we invite You to make your own cuvee with own labeling in Badacsony.
    • Badacsony has 2000-year-old viticulture and wine making history and you will have the pleasure of indulging by premium quality wines.
  • Day 7 - “Geopark” day

    Day 7 morning

    Hegyestű Geological Interpretive Site : You can look at the inside of a basalt volcano crater which was active 5-6 million years ago. Nearly 50-metre high basalt-wall reveals with the stiff lava. The most surprising rocky spot in the Káli Basin is the “seas of stones” next to Szentbékkálla, which has survived almost intact until the present day.

    Taste the freshness of mineral water from a 1500-year-old spring. Theodora Quelle spring of Kékkút has won international renown.


    • the sight inside of the basalt volcano is a rare spectacle in Europe.
    • Giant and peculiar shape of rocks at “seas of stones” is an outstanding geological heritage
    • Theodora Quelle spring: Its name originates from that of an empress of Byzantium in the fifth century. She had a liking for this slightly sparkling mineral water gained from this spring.

    Day 7 afternoon and evening

    We bring you to the best beach of the northern coast of Balaton or upon your choice you can have free time.

    Evening: a cheerful trip on farm-wagon by horses , -while sipping original national spirit, pálinka , -up to the Lavender Winery, which has the best panorama to Balaton and Tihany from your seat.


    • Wonderful lavender field covers the roof of the winery.
    • The winemaker believes in the power of music. Since he has read a book about vibrations written by a Japanese professor, Masaru Emoto PhD, he has been playing classical music for his fermenting wines. Day and night, classical music fills the cellar, having beneficial effect for the crystals in the fluids.
  • Day 8 - Bus transfer to Airport Budapest

    Bus transfer to Airport Budapest